ChatBot Pro for WordPress 11.1.0 Nulled
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ChatBot Pro for WordPress 11.1.0 Nulled Download

ChatBot Pro for WordPress 11.1.0 Nulled Download

ChatBot WordPress Nulled Plugin with some very useful, ready-to-use tools. Conversational user experience is the future of technology.

Demo ChatBot for WordPress Plugin

ChatBot Pro for WordPress Plugin Features

  • Add multiple variations of ChatBot responses for each node. They will be used randomly and give an appearance of more human-like responses.
  • Option to Skip Greeting for logged-in users only.
  • Automatically supports Follow Up Intents and step by step Question Answers through Dialogflow custom Intents
  • Shortcode for WPBot on a Page or post (without floating icon)
  • Option to Skip Greeting and Asking Name and eMail
  • Collect Customer Feedback by email option.
  • Light Integration with FaceBook Messenger for Live Chat
  • Option to Disable Persistent Chat History across pages
  • Remember chat history in browser local storage and greet returning users
  • Add images from your WordPress media library or Giphy animated gif images easily and quickly from the ChatBot language center with the floating image options
  • Extended Search AddOn
  • Sample DialogFlow Agent for quick import
  • RTL support
  • Quick Help for commands that can be used in-chat
  • Out of focus Browser tab flashing with a custom message for retargeting messages
  • Advanced Name Recognition
  • Option to disable WPBot on Mobile Devices
  • Embed code to use the ChatBot on any other website including static HTML website
  • Upload custom Agent icon
  • Show or Hide Opening Notifications
  • Unsubscribe Command
  • Upload custom ChatBot icon
  • Create FAQ area with multiple questions and answers (supports HTML)
  • Call me back – customer leaves phone number.
  • Automatically supports Rich Message Response & Card Responses from Dialogflow as a FaceBook messenger app
  • Any Language support. mo/pot file included so you can translate to any language
  • Chat Sessions AddOn
  • Option to Auto-Open Chatbot Window For First Time Page Load
  • GDPR compliance (message with a link to Privacy page)
  • Export eMail Addresses as CSV
  • Automatically supports Custom Intents and Responses You Create in Dialog Flow
  • Upload your own background image for chatbot
  • Admin customizable chat commands
  • Persistent chat history over shopper session on the website
  • Stop Words dictionary included and editable by admin. The bot will automatically exclude stop words from search criteria and chat commands
  • Option to choose on which pages WPBot should load
  • Automatically supports images (jpg, animated gifs) and Youtube Videos from DialogFlow Intent Responses
  • Fine-tune WPBot icon position by pixels or percentages
  • White Label AddOn
  • Enable/Disable retargeting message sound
  • Custom Background color for retargeting messages.
  • Collect User eMail for newsletter Subscription
  • Prompt User for eMail subscription with Retargeting Message
  • Automatically supports images (jpgs, animated gifs) and Youtube Videos from ChatBot Language Settings Responses
  • Option to Disable persistent chat history (Chat history is reset on every page)
  • Google Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or AI Engine with DialogFlow V2
  • Option to Enable/Disable Site Search, Call Me, eMail, FAQ, newsletter subscription, etc. ready intents
  • Light Integration with Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Web Link & Phone Call
  • Integrate with 3rd party Live Chat services that provide a stand-alone chat page link like Tawk. to
  • Simply paste any image (jpg or gif) or youtube video’s full link
  • Natural Language Processing through Google’s Dialog Flow
  • Advanced, fast Site search of your pages and posts to answer user questions
  • Facebook Messenger ChatBot
  • Option to Open pages in the new or same window from search results
  • Option to hide the support and other icons from the ChatBot footer
  • Add multiple site notifications to show above the ChatBot icon
  • Quick access to the Support area of the ChatBot
  • Option to enable/disable asking for the eMail address after asking the name
  • Connect retargeting messages with any custom intent created in DialogFlow
  • Schedule the day and time when WPBot will run. Make WPBot work with other Live chat software.
  • Advanced Language Center to edit and change every WPBot response, System languages, stop words, and info messages!
  • Ability to click a text link to open the ChatBot using shortcode
  • Choose from 5 design templates for the ChatBot interface
  • Show retargeting messages for customers on Exit Intent, After Scrolling Down “X” Percent, Or after “X” seconds.
  • Add video in Support area just by pasting Youtube link
  • Live Chat Addo
  • Onsite retargeting and remarketing to increase customer conversion rate.

Download ChatBot Pro for WordPress Plugin

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Download ChatBot Pro WordPress Plugin

ChatBot Pro for WordPress 11.1.0 Nulled Download

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